Britt has a great sense of humor which I believe is an essential part of the organizing process.” — Nina R.

My name is Britt Morris and  I, too, was disorganized and what some would call a “pack rat.”

I was always organized in my career as a professional stage manager. However, my cluttered car and apartment were great sources of shame and embarrassment. I thought I was destined for a life of disorganization.

I decided to do an “about face” and leave my professional career, travel to Alaska and begin working on a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea. Needless to say, living quarters were tight, and storage space was next to nothing! When not working on the ship, I travelled extensively. I stored my many belongings in a costly storage facility.

I started to make some tough decisions about what to keep or throw away. In the course of purging I realized how to put more effort and time into friendships, family and life experiences rather than possessions.

I started my company, A Tidy Solution in 2006 to help others like myself learn to become organized.