For the first time in my adult life my house is clean and organized.
A Tidy Solution
made it easy.” — Anonymous

You are NOT your clutter.

Under those piles and stacks is a wonderful person...YOU!

Clutter happens. It happens because you are a caring person. You save for others. You worry about hurt feelings. You don't want to bother anyone for help. You want everything to be "just right" but avoid organizing because it is so hard to be "perfect".

Then, you look around, surrounded by piles and piles of "stuff" and think, "This just isn't me!"

You are right.

You spent so much energy trying to save this item, or make that person happy. You've tried to do everything for everyone, all the time...perfectly. No wonder clutter happens! It's the right time to give yourself a break. Know that you will have an organized, peaceful home.

You've come to the right place! Now let's get organized!